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Strategic Commitments


  • Our projects are academically and professionally challenging, and they enable students to express Christian faith and value commitments through excellence in their academic discipline.

  • Our students share project leadership and administration responsibilities with educators, and learn by seeing their teachers in action.

  • Our educators connect their scholarship directly
    to student learning by making hands-on professional contributions to projects as mentors and members of project teams.

  • Our Christian discipleship intentionally reflects on learning experiences, to sharpen vocational vision, foster servant-leadership, and nurture courage to act on convictions.

  • Our project teams include students from multiple years of study for increased peer mentoring.

  • We include multiple academic disciplines and partner organizations with their various modes of thinking and analysis for comprehensive outcomes.

  • We are committed to projects that can span multiple generations of students to attain tangible and sustainable results.

  • We integrate Collaboratory programming into curricula, to increase both participation and academic engagement by connecting Collaboratory work to faculty and student loads.





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