What is Collab?

The Collaboratory started in the year 2000 and is housed in the School of Science, Engineering, and Health at Messiah College. There are nine groups within the Collaboratory: Communications, Disability Resources, Education, Energy, Microeconomic Development, Staff, Sustainability, Transportation, and Water. Each group has different projects, all of which seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through service in various academic disciplines. There are 25 projects total which increase hope and transform lives of people in need.

What was phase I of WASH?

Phase One started in the fall semester of 2006 after its initial project proposal in the spring semester of 2005. Throughout Phase One, Africa WASH and Disabilities Study was known as Mali Water and Disabilities Study. This study sought to assess the limitations of people with disabilities in World Vision Mali target communities. Project members identified simple, low-cost solutions to the problems discovered. The main technologies created were bucket tippers, latrine chairs, and jerry can holders.

What does WASH stand for?

WASH stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. Due to the expansion of our project to both Ghana and Niger, Mali Water Disabilities Study became Africa WASH and Disabilities Study.

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