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The _collab for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research


Why be a client of the Collaboratory?
Clients are organizations that empower the poor, promote justice for the oppressed, reconcile adversaries, and care for the earth.  Collaboratory projects are a response to goals articulated by our clients.  We specialize in long-term partnerships that enable repeat Collaboratory teams to understand local contexts and reduce the logistical support burden on our clients.  Client organizations receive a tangible and sustainable benefit while also contributing to the professional and spiritual growth of a new generation of servant-leaders for church and society.

What Client Partners Do

  • Receive a tangible and sustainable contribution toward the goals of the client organization.
  • Give back to the mission of Messiah College by enabling students to live out their Christian faith through projects that also engage their academic disciplines.
  • Support Collaboratory project team members as they seek to understand local culture, the church, and what God is already doing among those served.
  • Provide in-country logistical support, including housing and in-country travel arrangements, for individuals and teams who visit to complete project work.
  • Recognize the risks and limitations of working with students, including potential delays due to inexperience and the academic calendar.

How are Collaboratory projects funded?
Client organizations share responsibility with the Collaboratory for funding projects.  Student travel costs are often raised by Collaboratory participants while capital costs are often provided through the development staff of the client organization.  Research and development funds for project have been made available through our clients, the Collaboratory, and third parties.  

Collaboratory Clients
Client organizations of the Collaboratory have included:

    • Brethren in Christ Church – Zambia
    • CURE International
    • ECHO
    • I-TEC
    • Hope International
    • Joshua Farm
    • Mission Aviation Fellowship
    • SIM
    • SymBionyx Foundation
    • World Vision

    Contact the Director to learn more about partnering with the Collaboratory:

    Dr. David Vader
    Messiah College
    Box 3034

    One College Avenue
    Grantham, PA  17027

    Phone: 717-796-1800 ext. 7226



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