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The _collab for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research


The Collaboratory … where your major is your ministry.



Why Collab?
Students in the Collaboratory are workers and leaders on project teams that connect their area of study to Christian faith and service.  We use what we are learning in our courses to help real people in our region and around the world, people counting on us to provide imaginative solutions to their pressing problems.  Our clients also serve us as friends, through generous sharing of cultural resources, and often as co-laborers with Christ.

What Members Do

  • Serve locally and internationally in Jesus' name.
  • Work on projects: plan, design, testing, implementation.
  • Lead groups, projects, and site teams.
  • Meet weekly for a time of worship and Christian discipleship.
  • Live the gospel in life, word and deed.

What Students Are Saying

"My Collaboratory project taught me a lot about what it means to serve and use your gifts.  It really had a huge impact on my idea of what it means to serve, just sacrificing what little we could and trusting God to  take that and do something extraordinary with it.  Looking back what we did was small in many ways. Watching God take that and expand it into something incredible, that means a lot to people here and people there at the same time, has been an awesome experience."


Dan Barlow Dan Barlow ’09
Engineering major
Water group

“The Collaboratory has taught me that service is not just about doing, it is about knowing and being as well. We cannot serve well unless we know the needs of those we are serving, and we certainly cannot share God’s love if we do not first know love ourselves. I’ve learned that in order to serve to my fullest potential, I must have a mindset of humility and compassion as well as a willingness to be transformed through the work I am doing.”

Sarah Baranik Sarah Baranik ‘12
Spanish and business major
MED group

“The Collaboratory has taught me that service is giving of myself to others while at the same time allowing others to serve me, thereby providing a reflection of Christ to each other.”

Daniel McCurdy Daniel McCurdy ‘11
Biology education major
Disability resources group


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