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Personal Testimonies


Suzanne Smart
Jonathon Martin ‘12
Mechanical engineering major
Assistant student director and disability resources group

“Up until college, I had plenty of head knowledge about who God was and what I needed to do as a Christian.  However, my time at Messiah has pushed me beyond this point.  I no longer am content to simply say that I am a follower of Christ.  God has been showing me how I need to care for the people and the world around me.  I have had the chance to clean up the surrounding community, help the poor in Harrisburg, and begin working on a project that will eventually be implemented in Burkina Faso.  Instead of making me feel content that I have done my duty as a Christian and return to life as normal, these instances have shown me how much more I can do!  I can no longer say to the poor, ‘I will pray for you.  Go, keep warm and well fed.’  Instead, I feel an intense desire to do more!  I long to work as a servant of Christ to the people around me.”



Suzanne Smart
Suzanne Smart ‘11
Bio-medical engineering major
Disability resources Group

 “One thing that drew me to the Collaboratory is the fact that it allows me to use my skills to show others God’s love. I didn’t know how that would be possible as an engineering student until I came here and heard about this organization. Though I haven’t been on a site team trip yet, I feel like I know these people already because of all the pictures, videos, and stories that have been brought back and shared by others who have gone. It gives a sense of purpose to what we’re doing. I’m not just making a new pump handle so it’s more efficient or easier to use… I’m changing someone’s life for the better. I’m making it easier for them to go about their everyday lives. I’ve never seen an organization like the Collaboratory. It’s an amazing thing and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.”



Suzanne Smart
Ashley Pim ‘10
English and environmental science major
Staff group

“I’ve learned a lot about the unity that comes through service. There’s amazing power in a God who can take a group of very different people with different talents, interests, and personalities, and unite them toward a common goal.”




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