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  Fall 2008/Winter 2009
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Student athletes talk about the man they call "Coach Foge"

Patrick Hager `08Dale Fogelsanger
2007-2008 Captain of cross country and track and field
Coach Fogelsanger encourages his athletes and teams to run, compete, and win, not for personal glory, but for a higher glory. He believes, and voices that we have been given special gifts to compete at the college level, but these gifts are blessings from God. We should take advantage of these gifts to work hard and sweat day in and day out because God made us able. Some say that coaches and athletes should not be friends, but I and plenty of others call Coach Fogelsanger a good friend, someone we can confide in him about not just running but all aspects of life.  He constantly breeds young, immature athletes into mature students that understand what they're doing and why. The program is on the uprise in aspects of organization, commitment, and performance.  Foge has worked hard to put Messiah College Cross Country and Track and Field on the map; I believe he's done well.

Sarah Clemmer, sophomore
Being an athlete under the guidance of Coach Fogelsanger for the past two years has been an honor and a privilege. Coach Fogelsanger has a genuine down to earth personality and is gifted in his ability to connect and relate to all kinds of people.  He facilitates a healthy team dynamic and atmosphere.  He strives for each of his athletes to reach their highest potential, not just on the track or the cross country course, but in all aspects of our lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I have appreciated Coach Fogelsanger’s philosophies of running at the college level; he works us hard and we strive for excellence in our races and training, but he also encourages aspects of community, relationship building, and having fun doing what we love!

Coach Fogelsanger has a strenuous year-round schedule coaching cross country and both indoor and outdoor track. He doesn't get much time to himself and is constantly giving to his athletes. He gives so generously of his time, his words of wisdom and encouragement, and his knowledge of the sport of running.  I believe that the title “Coach of the Year” is an understatement when it comes to Coach Foge!

Jennifer Kooser, junior
I transferred to Messiah in 2006 and immediately felt welcomed within the cross country and track and field programs.  Coach really goes out of his way to reach all of his athletes. This is especially hard on the track and field team, since both the guys and girls team have at least 35-40 members. Nonetheless, Coach tries to meet the needs of all the athletes and to really listen to their concerns, which often goes beyond athletics and into all areas of life.  Coach views each team member as more than just an athlete, which I have personally seen in his interactions with me. I have been frustrated at times with Coach's decisions, but I realize that he looks beyond the here and now and is more concerned about my health and well-being rather than what I want or what I think is the best for right now.

Through these past two years I have come to really respect Coach Foge and view him as a friend and excellent mentor, not only in the running aspect, but in the spiritual, emotional, and relational. I have also seen how his impact on past athletes lives remains, as many return for visits or call or email frequently to stay in touch. All of these things that I have mentioned are just a brief glimpse of what Coach has done and has meant to me and so many other Messiah athletes throughout the years.


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