Herpetology, Behavioral Ecology, & Conservation

International: The research program I have developed in Panama has taken on many lines of investigation over the past 12 years. Behavioral ecology and natural history of the Panamanian golden frog have engaged me in issues related to aposematic coloration in this species like: mate coloration preference, inter- and intrasexual visual signaling (semaphoring), ritualized agonistic behavior, and phenotypic correlates with predation pressure. As a conservationist, I have become active in endangered species conservation and population recovery by organizing and co-directing a multi-institutional species survival initiative for the endangered Panamanian golden frog.

Domestic : I am currently looking at developing rapid assessment tools for identifying high quality seasonal pools in the South Mountain landscape of Pennsylvania. This work has been largely collaborative with other Messiah College faculty and conservation biologists from The Nature Conservancy. Lastly, I am co-authoring a scientific paper that presents findings on pesticide residues in salamanders of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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