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Biological Sciences



Bletz in Canopy

Molly Bletz, M.S. ('11 Biology)

Recent Masters Degree Recipient at James Madison University


"As an incoming student at Messiah College I never expected to gain what I have from the Biology Program. Early in my Messiah experience I was offered the opportunity to do amphibian conservation research under the direction of Dr. Lindquist and Dr Shin. I jumped at the chance as frogs, toads, and salamanders have fascinated me since I was a child. Much of my research was conducted during a summer research fellowship through the Steinbrecher program; however, I did research during the traditional semesters as well. I not only learned techniques of molecular research and developed relationships with my mentors, but contributed to the field of conservation research through co-authoring a publication detailing our findings. We are taking that research in a new direction this spring which has the potential to result in a second publication. Truly, I never expected to be published as an undergraduate! It has been a wonderful experience and preparation for furthering my education in graduate study!"