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A professor lectures his class on key business principles. Management and business majors have a world of career options. Each one has special features to suit different skills and personalities.


And at Messiah College, you'll have plenty of reasons to be confident in your educationone that will prepare you well to compete in today's global marketplace.

The Department of Management and Business offers several majors and minors, as well as special programs in collaboration with other Messiah Departments:


Majors include:

Accounting (B.S.) “Someone told me that Messiah's accounting majors pass all four parts of the CPA exam on the first try at twice the national average. Is that true?" Absolutely! And not only that--two of the "Big Four" accounting firms and many smaller firms actively recruit at Messiah. That's because Messiah's unique program produces competent accountants with the kind of writing skills needed on the job.

Business Administration (B.S.) “I think I want to major in business, but I'm just not sure which specific major to choose." Sound like you? Then this major, featuring flexibility and room to choose or even create your own concentrations, may be for you.  





Human Resource Management


Technology and Operations Management

Economics (B.S./B.A.)“Why would I major in economics?" Good question. Think about this: You will probably read and think about economics more in your lifetime than you would ever imagine, because economics will permeate the news, influence your daily decisions, and may even affect your spiritual life. As an economics major, you'll gain an understanding of the domestic business environment, the constant changes most large and small businesses have to make, and the complexity of the global economy. And since it lays a great foundation for so many other fields, economics often leads to careers in law, government service, economic development, and business.


Economic Development (B.A.) -What can I major in if I want to help people?”  Pursue your passion for service as you lead the way toward economic, spiritual, and social well-being for communities around the globe. As an economic development major, you’ll spend time in the classroom working to build a foundation in economics, business, and political and social theory, while also spending time in the field traveling internationally, working on service projects and completing internships. By translating economic principles into real-world competencies, you’ll be equipped to build stronger communities.


International Business (B.S.) “Our family business-selling landscaping equipment-has just expanded into Indonesia, and we aren't even that big." Impossible? Not in today's global village, where even the small business is going international. As an international business major, you'll spend 11 weeks in Europe and Russia with the International Business Institute, learning how to apply business principles cross-culturally. You'll also choose a developing country for a second cross-cultural experience. Embracing the challenge of integrating faith and business around the globe, our graduates are working in international departments of U.S. companies, in overseas organizations, and in missions.

Marketing (B.S.) “When I was seven years old, I sold so many Christmas cards to my neighbors that I bought a bicycle with the profits." Even if you haven't had this kind of marketing success, the challenge of the marketing process-from researching a potential market, to developing a product, to advertising, to making that sale-may be for you. Presenting your own business plan to a panel of local business leaders, working on teams to help local businesses with marketing projects, and tackling the complicated ethical issues of our consumer-driven society, our marketing majors find their experience great preparation to be an effective Christian presence in the business world.


Special Programs:

Arts Management

Business Information Systems

Music Business

Spanish Business

Sports Management



Business Administration
Human Resource Management


Relevant Minors Outside the Management and Business Department:

            Business Information Systems

            Practitioners of BIS begin with a real world business or client problem and design, build, and

            refine a system to solve that problem using data, technology, and a knowledge of life cycle

            development and project management.  The client may be a for-profit or non-profit

            organization, government, educational system or a Christian service organization.

            Food and Nutrition Minor

            Enhance your preparation for work in the food service industry.



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