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Economics Major


Students in Economics classroomAs a student majoring in economics, you'll develop the analytical and quantitative skills needed to understand the interaction of market and nonmarket forces as they shape the behavior of society and impact human welfare. You'll become increasingly aware of the need to understand the role of values and social institutions, and to more seriously consider the impact of human activity upon the physical environment in which humans function. The discipline of economics is often seen as the liberal arts component of any business major, but it also stands alone as an independent major. Anyone concerned about national and global public policy issues will find that these issues become unavoidably intertwined with economic analysis. At Messiah, you'll learn more than the mechanics of economic analysis. Our ultimate concern, is that you understand how Christian faith shapes the way you see the economic process, and what it means to be stewards of God's creation.


Degree Options

Messiah offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in economics in order to meet your specific needs and preferences. The B.A. is a more traditional liberal arts degree with an emphasis on studying economics as a separate discipline within a broader program of liberal arts studies. It includes a smaller core component of business courses and, thus, offers a program of study with more available general elective hours. The B.S. degree, in contrast, includes all of the core requirements for the traditional business administrative major such as management, accounting, marketing, etc.



While you may opt to complete the B.A. or B.S. degree requirements at the Grantham Campus, there are some alternatives. Messiah's Philadelphia Campus offers an attractive opportunity for you to experience an urban environment and take courses at Temple University. You may also take advantage of the International Business Institute (IBI), which runs during the summer. As an Institute student, you'll tour Western Europe and have the opportunity to interact with various business and government leaders. Messiah professors have been active as instructors in the IBI program. A semester abroad may also be easily included in the program of study with this major.


After Graduation

The study of economics prepares you for various career opportunities, as well as for vocations in ministry and community service. Students who pursue an undergraduate degree in economics often follow the same career paths one normally associates with a business administration degree. Economics, because of its strong emphasis upon developing analytical skills, is often the preferred major for anyone applying to law school. It is also an excellent course of study for those interested in financial markets and the banking industry. For students who desire to become professional economists, graduate school work at the master's and doctorate level is required. Many who advance to this level often choose to become educators. Others find opportunities in business, finance, politics, government, relief work, and other nonprofit institutions.



For more details on the curriculum requirements and the types of courses you would be taking as an Economics Major (Bachelor of Science), visit our Online Course Catalog.  A list of major requirements can be found here or take a look at the printable Economics Major Brochure.

For more details on the curriculum requirements and the types of courses you would be taking as an Economics Minor, visit our Online Course Catalog.

(Course catalog and major brochure include PDF files. Click here for the Adobe® PDF Reader®)


How to Apply

To apply for admission to Messiah College, simply call and request an application at 1-800-233-4220 or apply online! Open House dates and major-specific events are scheduled throughout the year. Students may arrange for a variety of visit options to suit their interests and schedule.


* Messiah College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin.



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