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It is recommended that you write your essay in a Word document before you begin this application. 

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Academic: The International Business Institute is a rigorous academic program and all the participants are expected to have completed a full year of economics and at least one course in each of the following: accounting or finance; management and marketing. Exceptions may be referred to your faculty advisor and the Director of IBI for review and possible adjustment. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required (on a 4.0 scale) and applicants will normally be accepted upon completion of their junior year. Under certain circumstances, sophomores and graduating seniors will be considered for admission. PLEASE NOTE: All IBI courses must be taken for a grade. IBI courses may not be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.
What is your overall GPA?
GPA in your major field?
Have you completed or when do you expect to complete the following?
One year of principles of economics: One course of accounting or finance:
One course in marketing: One course in management:
Health: Since the International Business Institute involves ten weeks of travel and residence overseas, it is very important that participants have no health problems that would adversely affect their participation or create any difficulties for the faculty and staff or other participants.
Do you have any emotional, physical, or medical conditions that might negatively affect your travel and study overseas for an extended period?
If "Yes" please explain:
Do you have any dietary restrictions?
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ESSAY (approximately 400 words) - Why do you wish to participate in the International Business Institute and how do you believe this experience will contribute to your academic and personal growth and the achievement of your career goals?  Please also indicate why it is important to you that the program involves a Christian context.

You can cut and paste your Word document here:

Check the box to confirm the following: I have read the Community Life Standards for the International Business Institute and I understand what is expected of me as a participant.  I hereby agree to comply with these expectations if accepted into the program. 

REFERENCES - The reference form for a faculty member and the form for the Student Affairs Office on your campus are found here. Arrange for their completion and return in a sealed envelope to your IBI campus advisor or mail them directly to the IBI office.

TRANSCRIPT  - Arrange for an official transcript of your academic record to be sent to IBI.

DEPOSIT - Give your $400 deposit directly to your campus advisor or mail directly to the IBI office, check can be made payable to IBI.

International Business Institute
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