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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Facilities and Instrumentation


The laboratories for the Department of Chemistry and

Biochemistry are located on the third floor of the Kline Hall of Science and the Jordan Science Center, two buildings remodeled and built in 1999, respectively.  Spacious labs equipped with ventilation hoods exist for general chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical analysis, advanced courses and general education chemistry courses.  The General Chemistry lab is equipped with 12 laptop data acquisition systems that are used throughout the first year of chemistry study.  Four instrument labs are dispersed throughout the floor, allowing easy access to modern instrumentation in all departmental courses.  An additional five small labs are dedicated to faculty and student research.  The computational software package, Hyperchem is available in a large computer lab in the building, and Spartan is available and used on specific computers in the department.  In addition, the department has a recently renovated chemical storeroom, a resource room and a large informal lounge where many students work on their chemistry assignments together. 





Kline Hall of Science


Jordan Science Center