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Lindsey Campbell, Junior, Public Relations

Philadelphia Flyers Community Relations Department


“The Philadelphia Flyers Community Relations department works with nonprofit organizations within the Philadelphia area, hosting community events and programs that assist in the development and positive growth of children. They strive to use hockey through all of it.


Speaking in front of a large group of people on a regular basis will allow me to become relaxed and comfortable when making speeches in the future.  Also, with social media becoming an important aspect of organizations, updating the social media pages will be good practice not only for my personal pages but also for the work I do for the organizations I work for in the future.  


I am looking to getting involved in as many activities as I can because I am not exactly sure what direction I want to go in when I graduate.  I have always been interested in sports and so the idea of PR or community relations with a professional hockey team is exciting to me.  Although I am not going to be working with the Public Relations department directly, I will be doing similar activities that will give me similar experience.”


Rolando Vega, Junior, Film and Media Arts

Freelance Film and Costume Work


“In my freelance work I hope to attain more work experience with more productions and shoots. My past internship at Grey Sky Films has opened the door for freelancing opportunities for them this summer and also another company called Awakened Films.

I am also working on a costume project for a film in LA being directed by Messiah alum Michael Ortiz. These opportunities are both equally exciting because I will be able to get hands on experience and the networking I will be able to do in freelancing and LA for the film will be invaluable.”


Becca Albus, Junior, Public Relations

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts


“Basically, I'll be helping the corporate social responsibility manager at the Hershey's company, making sure the company maintains positive relationships with all stakeholders, employees, customers, and the town of Hershey.  I'll be making sure our businesses are efficient, analyzing the consumer's well-being, making sure employees are happy, and I will also be volunteering within the Hershey community on behalf of the company. 


As a public relations major, I know the importance of maintaining strong, 2-way communication with all publics.  I also know the importance of being ethical in every decision I make on behalf of the company I work for.  I will be the one creating the reports, shaping the internal communication, and bridging the gap between Hershey Foods and society. I'm excited that I have the opportunity to practice these rules and get the hands-on experience. 


I decided to take this position because my father has been with the Hershey's company for over 25 years and he has always had nothing but positive things to say about working with the company.  I also wanted to work with people and bettering the community with what I did this summer and I thought this was an awesome opportunity to do that.  This is a way to get my foot into the door of a big business and the free chocolate definitely made the decision a little bit easier.”


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