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Broadcasting Major at Messiah CollegeA major in broadcasting provides students with a strong understanding of various aspects of mass media. Core courses develop strong communication skills and provide knowledge of communication theory. The broadcasting major is specifically for students interested in a career in television, radio, or journalism.


Courses explore such topics as news production, public speaking, and writing for mass media. Built into the major are opportunities for students to apply their skills through internships at area businesses and the campus radio station WVMM 90.7.


Additionally, broadcasting students study at the Messiah College Philadelphia campus, where they take classes in conjunction with Temple University and have various opportunities for internships in the city. The broadcasting major prepares students for a variety of professional positions including news, radio, and television production; news reporting; and other journalistic endeavors.


Within the major there are three concentrations for students to select from—broadcast journalism, broadcast production, and media studies. Each concentration provides a specific skill set to equip students with expertise their area of interest, and all three prepare students to use effective communication within broadcasting and mass media by putting theory into practice in the business world.



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