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Anita Voelker




Jurried Presentations with Students:




Voelker, A.N., Deines, E., & Morabito, D.(October) “Book trailers: Why? How? Wow!”Paper Presentation in State College, PA: Forty- sixth Annual Keystone State Reading Association’s Conference.




Voelker, A. N., Balmer, K., Brockman, R., Eby, K.,  Grammar, C., Greulich, C.,

Martin, K. & Schoenthal, L. (October) “Morphing Students into Professor Know-It-Alls to Enhance Comprehension of Nonfiction”. Seminar Presentation in Champion, PA: Forty-fifth Annual Keystone Sate Reading Association’s Conference


Voelker, A. N., Adkins, S., Cobb, K., Dillner, J., Mears, S., Pusateri, D., Redding, L. & Wickham, A.(October) "Split-Page Notetaking: A During Reading Strategy for Dense Informational Text”.  Seminar Presentation in Champion PA: Forty-fifth Annual Keystone Sate Reading Association’s Conference.


Voelker, A. N. & Reph, A. (April) “A Study of Comprehension and Connections with E-books and Trade Books” Paper Presentation in Hershey, PA: Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Annual Conference.


Current Projects:


Teaching and service often provoke new areas of research. Here are two examples:

1. Scholar intern Danielle Morabito, work study Emily Deines, and I are preparing to research how fourth graders respond to book trailers as a motivational strategy. We are building on recent research in an attempt to learn not only how the viewing of trailers is received as a pre-reading activity but also how book trailers enhance comprehension when students create their own trailer as a post-reading strategy.

2. The Ruth E. Engle Memorial Collection of Children’s Book Illustration, a gallery housed in Murray Library, celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2014. Working with Friends of Murray Library and my students, I am preparing several events for the Messiah community.




Recent Publications:

Voelker, A. N. (2013). Tomorrow’s teachers engaging in unprotected text.

 Journal of Children’s Literature. 39(2), 22-35.


Voelker, A.N. (2013, August). And then there were three. The 34th Parallel Magazine, 23, 48-51.


Voelker, A. N. (2013, March 1). Doctoring Seuss: A cure for the (all too common) cat. The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from http:



Voelker, A. N. (2012, December 25). Don’t let the past go up in smoke.

 The Patriot News, A17.


Voelker, A. N. (2012). Smokeless Santa? Sanitizing children’s lit.

 Education Week, 32 (14), 27.


Voelker, A. N. (2012, July 16).  Our parents; Our selves. The Patriot News, B01-02.


Voelker, A. N. (2012, May 8). Remembering Maurice Sendak and the wild things.Fox News. Retrieved from



Baker, L., Dreher, M.J., & Voelker, A. N. (2011) Children’s comprehension of

 informational text: Reading, engaging, and learning. International Electronic

 Journal of Elementary Education, 4(1), 197-227.  Retrieved from




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