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Teacher Education & Certification


David Gilbert , '06


Current Job:


Social Studies Teacher, Carlisle High School, Carlisle, PA


    • Former Sophomore Class Advisor

    • Detention, Saturday Work, and Lunch Proctor

    • Gifted Education Curriculum Compacting Pilot Program Member

    • Herd 100 (Freshman Orientation) Staff Member

    • Commencement Speaker Advisor



Education after Messiah:


  I earned my M.Ed. degree from Penn State Harrisburg in Teaching and Curriculum at the end of summer 2011.  I am also pursuing my principalship certification.  I chose this program because of its proximity, the ability to get a degree from Penn State, and recommendations from colleagues. 


Preparation for Teaching:


Messiah provided a great basis for teaching.  I felt prepared to go into the classroom as a first-year teacher.  This was especially true for lesson planning. 


What He Loves about Teaching:


I love getting to know many different students and, hopefully, making them love history.  I think I’ve been successful if, at the end of a school year, a student who didn’t like history comes to me and says that they enjoyed my class, and they learned a lot.  I also love the fact that I get to challenge high school students to think at higher levels then they thought they could. 


What it Means to be A Christian Educator in a Professional Setting:

  I think that being a Christian educator means that I treat every one I come in contact with as Jesus would treat them.  While this is challenging with some people, it is a testament to the Lord that I can have students who can’t get along with any other teacher come to me and say “I respect you because you respected me and cared for me as a person.”  Being a Christian educator also means being an example for colleagues. 






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