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Teacher Education & Certification


Preparation for PAPA, PECT and Praxis

Students will likely need to prepare for the standardized tests required for admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) and Pennsylvania certification. The resources listed below are resources that have been recommended to be helpful. You are encouraged to review the list to determine which methods might be the most beneficial to you as you prepare for these important tests.



  • We recommend that students start by taking the practice tests found online. The results will help you discern the areas where you will need to focus your preparation.
  • TEP is partnering with the Learning Center to provide a specially trained tutor to help students with test preparation. Students have reported that this support has been helpful. To schedule an appointment, follow this link.
  • Narrated solutions to the problems on the PAPA math practice test are provided by the Department of Mathematics. Students can click on the circle button to watch/hear the explanation of the solution, or they can click on the square button to view the whole written explanation.
  • For students who have taken the math module, but have not yet passed it, there is free online tutoring available through a grant. Contact the TEP office for more information.
  • For general math review, Purple Math or Catchup Math might be helpful. Focus on concepts taught in algebra, geometry, and basic trigonometry.
  • For the writing module, ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the statement. Select at least three reasons why and use those as an outline, alotting at least a paragraph to each point. Concentrate less on making your point and more on layout, grammar, and spelling. As you prepare, try this with the sample test questions on the practice test.
  • Resources targeted at preparation for SAT testing should provide a review of the types of questions you will find on the PAPA.
  • Butler County Community College offers an online course to prepare students for the PAPA. There is a student fee for this course.
  • Online prep for the PAPA can be purchased at this website. You can preview the material before purchase.



  • We recommend that students start at the PECT website for preparation materials.  Take the practice test for the exam you will be taking, and use the results to help focus your preparation. The PECT website also gives a description of the content that is tested in each of the modules.
  • It might be beneficial to prepare for and take each module separately.
  • Use college textbooks and notes to focus on content-specific areas that need review.
  • Butler County Community College offers an online course to prepare students for the PAPA. There is a student fee for this course.



  • Access the online test preparation materials found on the ETS website. Choose the test you are taking, and review the online study guide. Identify and focus preparation on areas of weakness.
  • Additional resources for Praxis help are listed on the website for the test you are taking.
  • Utilize college textbooks and notes to review. College professors in the specific content may be able to help with materials that will help you to prepare for specific content areas.


Please note that suggestions for test preparation help are not endorsed by the Messiah College TEP. They are listed as options only. We have not reviewed specific materials or courses to determine effectiveness. If students have resources that have been helpful, but are not listed, or if they find that those listed are not helpful for test preparation, we welcome your feedback that can help other students better prepare to be successful on these required tests.


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