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Computer Concentration Overview

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Please select from the table below to view academic requirements for the completion of a B.S. Engineering degree with a concentration in computer engineering. For descriptions of each document, please see the section entitled "Document Descriptions" below. Additional details on the curriculum requirements and the types of courses engineering students will take are available in the course catalog.

Please note that from year to year the requirements for graduation change slightly due to changes in the General Education requirements or changes to the B.S.E. curriculum.

For the most current requirements, please select the documents for the 2014-15 academic year.

Document Table
Academic Year Entering B.S.E. Curriculum
Requirements List (PDF)*
Requirements Grid (PDF)
Requirements Grid (Excel)**
Course Dependency Grid (Excel)**
Course Dependency Grid For One Semester Study Abroad (Excel)**
4-year Program Outline (HTML)
4-year Program Outline (PDF)

Use the following to verify you do not have any course conflicts.

Course Conflict Matrix  
Fall 2014
First Year Course Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  
Sophomore Year Course Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  
Junior Year Course Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  
Senior Year Course Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  
Faculty Course Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  
Combined Course and Faculty Conflict Matrix (PDF)*  

* PDF documents may be viewed using the free Adobe Reader.

** The Requirements Grid and Course Dependency Grid is in Microsoft Excel 2003 (XLS) format. This spreadsheet may be opened using either Microsoft Excel or free software such as

Document Descriptions

Curriculum Requirements List

This is a two-page list of all course requirements for graduation with a B.S. Engineering degree and a concentration in computer engineering. The list is maintained by the registrar's office, but we provide links to it here for convenience.

Curriculum Requirements Grid

This is a graphical representation of the graduation requirements for the B.S. Engineering degree. It is functionally equivalent to the curriculum requirements list, but some students prefer the graphical format. The latest version of the requirements grid is available both as a PDF document and as an interactive spreadsheet. It includes color coding which indicates a suggested semester for taking each course.

Course Dependency Grid

This is a graphical flow representation for the course prerequisites of the graduation requirements for the B.S. Engineering degree. It provides a means of understanding the flexibility which exists when planning courses for a given semester. It includes color coding which indicates a suggested semester for taking each course.

Four-year Program Outline

The four-year program outline is provided as an example of how to complete the B.S. Engineering degree with a concentration in computer engineering in a four-year timeframe. The program outline assumes that students have no AP credit and are not able to test out of any courses. Thus, students with AP courses or different needs may adjust the proposed schedule accordingly.

Course Conflict Matrix

The course conflict matrix is provided as a reference showing the engineering and related courses, scheduled during the same time period, broken out according to First Year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. There are two additional listings with the first being the courses (and times) taught by engineering faculty members and the second being a combined listing showing all engineering and related courses (and times) for all years including faculty schedule.

Please note that these outlines are a suggestion only. There is some flexibility in the schedule, and that students are encouraged to modify the proposed schedule to best suit their needs. Students' academic advisors can help students determine when and how to modify the proposed schedule.


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