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11th Annual Symposium Webcast


On the day of the webcast, there will be a link on this page which you can use to connect to the Webcast. You can test your setup before the day of the Symposium by clicking on the link in the Test Video URL section.

Please note that the actual webcast URLs will not be live until the day of the webcast, May 2, 2014.



Test Video URL


If you wish to test your system, please use the following link to try out our test video:

You should see a video of the Engineering Department logo rotating. In the background, you should hear classical music playing. If you are viewing the enhanced content test, you should also see a slide showing the presentation schedule to the right of the video and a window below the video where you will be able to enter questions on the day of the Symposium. If all of these things happen, then your player is working properly!

Note: This test video is not the same URL as the actual webcast will be; on the day of the Symposium there will be a link on this page for the actual webcast.

If clicking these links does not work for you, please read the "Enhanced Webcast" and "Troubleshooting" sections below.

Windows Media Player will automatically update itself to obtain everything that it needs to view the WebCast (if you have not disabled this feature). If you have do not have Windows Media Player version 7 or higher, or you have any problems, you can download the latest version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

If you plan to view the enhanced webcast, then you will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This will allow you to load and view the slides to accompany the webcast video feed. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download the latest version from Adobe.


Enhanced Content


The webcast for the IPC presentations involves enhanced webcast content. This enhanced content shows both video of the presentors and simultaneously shows their presentation slides.

When you load the enhanced webcast, you may see a dialog box asking you if you wish to view the "web enhanced content." Click "Yes" to enable and view this content. (If you click "no" then you will get only the video feed.) After clicking yes, you should see the webcast video playing at the left side of the screen and accompanying slides displayed at the right hand side of the screen. These slides will change automatically as the presentations progress. The slides are PDF documents; if you right click on them you will find a menu which allows you to zoom in, zoom out, pan, or execute other commands.

If you are having trouble launching the enhanced webcast, please read the troubleshooting section below.


Viewing Requirements


To view the webcast and use the feedback system you will need:

  • Windows Media Player version 7 or higher, or a compatible streaming media player
  • A medium to high speed internet connection
  • A modern web browser
  • (Enhanced webcast) A version of Internet Explorer which supports frames
  • (Enhanced webcast) Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader


Linux and Macintosh Users


Although Windows Media Player is not available for Linux or Macintosh, there are other programs which will allow you to view streaming media in Windows Media Player format. MPlayer is a free, open source video player for Linux which will play Windows Media streams. Macintosh users may use QuickTime player with Windows Media components installed. (A binary version of MPlayer for Macintosh OS X is also available.)

At this time, we are not aware of being able to play enhanced content on any player except Windows Media Player. Therefore, you will likely not be able to view accompanying slides if you are not using the Windows platform. (If you do get enhanced content to work for you, however, we would love to hear about it!)



If you are unable to access the test video or the webcast via the links we provide, then you might try launching the webcast directly from within Windows Media Player:

  1. Open Windows Media Player
  2. In your web browser, copy the URL from the link to the webcast you are trying to view (either the test video or the live webcast)
  3. Select "Open URL..." from the File menu in Windows Media Player
  4. Paste the webcast URL into the dialog box which Windows Media Player brings up
  5. Click "Ok"
  6. If you are trying to load the enhanced webcast, please click "Yes" if you are asked to allow "web enhanced content" to be shown

You might also try connecting directly to the webcast without any enhanced features, using the link provided in the Enhanced Content section above.

Note: If you are using a streaming media player other than Windows Media Player, simply point your media player to the same URL as described above.

If this method of launching the webcast does not work either, then you may be experiencing one of the following problems:

  • Your media player may not meet the requirements. Please review the requirements listed on this page to ensure that you have a compatible player installed.
  • If you cannot view the slides in the enhanced webcast, Acrobat Reader may not be installed or configured properly. Please review the requirements listed on this page and download a recent version of Acrobat Reader.
  • Your computer may be behind a firewall. (Unfortunately, we can't help with this.)
  • Your internet connection may not have sufficient bandwidth to properly view the webcast, or your computer may not have enough processing power to display streaming media. (Unfortunately, we can't help with these either.)

If you need more help setting up your computer to view the webcast, please feel free to send an email. We will do our best to help you, although we can't guarantee that the webcast will work for you.



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