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Department of English


Spring 2016


ENGL 203 Introduction to Creative Writing (Walker, J-term)


ENGL 202 Introduction to English Studies II (Smith)


ENGL 230 Linguistics (Rohrbaugh)


ENGL 305/360 Writing: Poetry (Roth)


ENGL 305/360 Writing: Persuasive Essay (Dzaka)


ENGL 305/360 Writing: Fiction (Lake)


ENGL 310/360 Shakespeare's Comedies (Smith)


ENGL 320 British Romanticism (Downing)


ENGL 340American Literature after 1900 (TBD)


ENGL 340/360 Contemporary American Poetry (Roth)


ENGL 350 Postcolonial Literature (Lake)


ENGL 370 Critical Theory (TBD)


ENGL 496 Writing Seminar (Walker)



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