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Larry M. Lake
Associate Professor of Writing


Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 3017
Phone: (717) 796-1800 ext. 3360
Office: Boyer 212
Fax: (717) 796-4790


Dr. Larry M. Lake is currently learning to fly, the culmination of a lifelong dream. Shaped profoundly by a childhood in New Guinea, where his parents were missionaries from 1957-1965, he has since lived and worked in many places where faith, writing, and culture intersect. Sometimes this has entailed international travel including two sabbaticals in Indonesia as ethnographic researcher, education specialist, and literacy consultant.

Larry has sailed with legendary Hawaiian navigator Nainoa Thompson on the Polynesian cultural research vessel Hokule’a, ┬áhas studied literacy in Mexican cities with Bible translators and dictionary makers, and has interviewed historians, entomologists and rainforest ecologists in Netherlands universities and libraries. He helped a retired missionary seaplane pilot write a memoir, assisted the photographer Susan Meiselas with the book Encounters with the Dani, and is looking forward to the publication of his book Richard Archbold in New Guinea: Money, Power, and Science in the Colonial Pacific. With his wife Mary Beth he was employed as a professional photographer for Mission Aviation Fellowship.


Larry’s wide range of interests have led to a variety of teaching assignments in subjects as diverse as cultural anthropology, ethnobotany, postcolonial literatures, Pacific island foods, and the history of colonial expeditions. He has been teaching writing at Messiah College since 1984.

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