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Human Development and Family Science

Why you should take Foundations of Marriage and Family (HDFS 101)


1. Because it's interesting and relevant to life.


Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the distinct perspective of and the content area within the field of family studies. This course provides a fundamental description of family forms and issues across the life course, guided by historic and contemporary perspectives. This course focuses on the discovery and application of knowledge about the family including its history, theories/frameworks, methodologies, emerging applications, and trends within a changing world. Multicultural diversity and Christian integration are emphasized.

2. Because HDFS 101 fulfills a General Education Social Science requirement at Messiah College and seeks to:

1. Introduce students to the methods and philosophy of the social science.

2. Provide students with an introductory level of understanding regarding the nature of social scientific research.

3. Help students understand the socio-cultural dimension of human existence as a fundamental reality.

4. Provide some opportunity for students to begin the process of considering one or more social problems/issues.

3. Because HDFS 101 is an appropriate prerequisite for all of the following development courses:

HDFS/PSYC 310 Child Development

HDFS/PSYC 311 Adolescent Development

HDFS/PSYC 312 Adult Development

4. Because students have the opportunity to complete an exciting and enriching project called a Family Folklore Album.

Students interview various older members of their family to find out as much as they can about their unique family history. Students then use their new insights to apply theoretical concepts from the course to their own family situation and create an 8-10 page album of their family history.

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