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Human Development and Family Science

The Human Development & Family Science

Student Professional Development Endowment Fund


The Purpose and Goals of the Fund

In 2007, the Department of Human Development & Family Science established the Human Development & Family Science Student Professional Development Endowment Fund. The Department has established the fund for the purpose of providing students with opportunities for professional growth and development. Ideally, small grants from this fund would enable students to attend professional conferences, become student members of their professional organizations, conduct research with faculty, co-present papers with faculty at research meetings, conduct surveys necessary for senior honors projects, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately, the funds for this type of activity are not readily available, and all too often students go without ever having had the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of networking with professionals in their field, the thrill of presenting their own work to a room full of practioners, or creating and conducting research that seeks to answer a self-created hypothesis.


Your Personal Invitation to Help

We are excited about the potential of this fund and extend a personal invitation for you to support the professional development of Human Development and Family Science and Family and Consumer Sciences Education majors by making a financial contribution to the HDFS Department Student Professional Development Fund. This is the first time that donors are able to direct their gifts to a specific department within the College. Every dollar contributed goes directly into the Endowment, with interest earned each year being available to expend on student professional development activities. Kandy Ferree ('92), co-founder of the HDFS Department Student Professional Development Endowment Fund, would like to share with you in the video below why you should consider donating:



How to Make a Contribution

You can contribute to the HDFS Department Student Professional Development Fund by making checks payable to “ Messiah College – HDFS Department Endowment” and sending them, together with the completed Donor Response Form, to the Development Office, One College Ave., Suite 3013, Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Thank You

Thank you for doing what you can to help our students make the most of their education while they are here at Messiah College.


Please know that every gift—regardless of the size—will make a difference in our students' lives.


Support Fundraising Efforts Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, our faculty and students participate in various fundraising activities. We hold our annual Poster Sale in the Commons the day before, and the day of, the first class of the fall semester. In addition, we have sold Joe Corbi’s products, Wolfgang Candy, and discounted Knoebels Amusement Resort tickets. Further, our students have organized bake sales and silent auctions to help raise money.


All of these efforts are helping our students gain invaluable professional development experiences.


How to Get More Information

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact Dr. Raeann Hamon, Chair of the Department of Human Development and Family Sceince at (717) 796-1800, ext. 2850 or via email at



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