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Faculty/Student Research Projects & Presentations
Students can work with interested faculty members on their independent research projects. Students often help the faculty member research information, write publications, and/or present at conferences.

Sampling of Projects & Presentations

Raeann Hamon, Debra Berke, and Tawny Smay (2006)
"Weaving Technology and Non Technology in the Family Science Classroom: Using the Best of Both Worlds to Meet Student Learning Styles." Article published in the Journal of Teaching in Marriage and Family (Vol. 6, 2006).

Ellen Shaffer and Abraham Hwang (Nov 2006)

"Factors Affecting Third Culture Kid Adjustment to College. " Poster presented at the 68 th Annual National Council on Family Relations Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Debra Berke, Erin Boyd-Soisson, Abraham Hwang, & Diana Fetzer (Nov 2006)
"Using Older Adolescents as Mentors in Sexuality Education: An Urban Case Study."Poster presented at the 68th Annual National Council on Family Relations Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

Debra Berke, Abraham Hwang, Erin Boyd-Soisson, & Diane Fetzer (November 9, 2006)
"Using Older Adolescents as Mentors in Sexuality Education: An Urban Case Study." Poster presentation at the National Council on Family Relations Conference, Minneapolis, MN. 

Debra Berke& Tawny Smay (October 12, 2006)
"Teaching About Loss Using the Multiple Intelligences." Presentation at the Building Strong Families Conference, Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Debra Berke & Selena Horning (October 3 and 4, 2006)
"Gender Identity." Workshop co-presented for the Resident Assistants, Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Debra Berke, R. Karasik, S. Scheer, & Tawny Smay (2006)
"Finding balance: Academics’ perceptions of work and family through the life course." Family Focus, FF30, F11-12.

Debra Berke, Robert Reyes, Diana Fetzer & Molly Burke (Nov 2005)
"Community Development and Family Life Education: An Ecosystem Model for Preventing Teen Pregnancy and Strengthening Parenting in Urban, High-Risk Communities." National Council on Family Relations. Phoenix, AZ

Raeann Hamon and Micalagh Beckwith (Nov 2005)
"Incorporating Cross-Cultural Experiences and Multiple Meanings of Family into the Family Science Curriculum." National Council on Family Relations. Phoenix, AZ.

Raeann Hamon and Anna Craig (Oct. 9 - Nov. 13, 2005)
"Active Christian Parenting Program." Zwingli United Methodist Church. East Berlin, PA.

Raeann Hamon and Bahira Sherif-Trask, co-editors (2005)
Micalagh Beckwith will assist Dr. Hamon with editing for an upcoming book titled, "Culturally Diverse Families: A Family Science Perspective." Sage Publications.

Raeann Hamon and Skyla Stone (June 9, 2005)
"Using Feature Films to Integrate Family Diversity in the Ten Family Life Education Substance Areas." Family Science Association's Teaching Family Science Conference. Strasburg, PA.

Raeann Hamon, Theresa Dixon, & Wesley Popp (April 8, 2005)

"Genograms as a Tool for Promoting Healthy Families." PA Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Lancaster, PA.

Raeann Hamon, Julia Brady, and Theresa Dixon (Nov. 17, 2004)
"Dynamic Student Affiliates." National Council on Family Relations Conference. Orlando, FL.

Raeann Hamon, Skyla Stone, and Cherie Snavely (Oct. 21, 2004)
"Resources for Teaching and Learning About International Families." Building Strong Families/Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations Conference. Grantham, PA.

Raeann Hamon and Cherie Snavely (in press 2004)
"Using Cross-Cultural Study Courses to Teach About International Families." International Family Studies: Curricula and Teaching Tools. Hayworth Press.

Raeann Hamon and Kimberly Arva (June 2004)

"The Role of Elder Service Partners in Preparing Future Gerontology Professionals." Preparing Compassionate Caregivers: Gerontological Pedagogy at Faith-Based Colleges and Universities. Grantham, PA.


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