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Transfer Students


Each year we add a few students to our program due to transfer from other institutions.  We also welcome internal transfers from other majors at Messiah. If you are a transfer student considering athletic training as a major at Messiah College, there are a few things listed below with which you should be made aware.


You should plan to be here for no less than four semesters although five or six semesters is a more common length of time. We strongly suggest that Transfer students do not take Athletic Training courses unless they are from CAATE accredited Athletic Training programs. Rather, delay taking these courses in lieu of general education and basic science courses.  If transfer is in your future, below is a listing of courses you should consider taking prior to coming to Messiah.


Refer to the course guides below as you plan your transfer. If you have any questions about a course meeting Messiah College requirements, call the Registrar’s Office (717-766-2511). Contact Sandy Bush (717.691.6037) the Athletic Training Education Program Director to discuss your plans and make use of the Course Equivalency page that can help determine if a course you want to take will meet a Messiah College graduation requirement.


Course Guides:

     4-year Course Guide for Athletic Training majors

     4-year Course Guide for Athletic Training/Pre-PT majors


Courses that you might consider taking before transferring to Messiah College are listed below.


2, 3-hour Foreign Language courses

(100 level or above)

3-hour English Composition course (100 level or above)
3-hour Literature course   (100 level or above)
3-hour Communications course (100 level or above)
3-hour Introduction to Psychology course (100 level or above)
3-hour European or US History course (100 level or above)
3-hour Non-Western History course (100 level or above)
3-hour Math course (100 level or above)
3-hour Art/Theater/Music course (200 level or above)
4-hour General Chemistry course–with lab (100 level or above)
2, 4-hour Human Anatomy & Physiosiology courses–with lab (100 level or above)


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