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Health and Human Performance Department at Messiah College

InjuryAthletic TrainingEducation Program (ATEP)

Policies, Procedures and Information for Athletic Training Students, Staff and Clinical Instructors


Educational Forms (Requirements)

  1.       Exposure Incident Report Blood & Body Fluid Contam

  2.           Annual ATS Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Letter

  3.           BBP Review

  4.           BBP Re-Certification Roster Self Study Video

  5.           BBP Re-Certification Roster Wound Care Review

  6.           ATS Presentation Eval Form

  7.           AT Major Off-Campus Field Experience Consent Waiver

  8.           Student Clinical Experience Perf Eval – Form A-ATED 246,346,348,450

  9.           Student Clinical Experience Perf Eval – Form B – ATED 449

  10.           Student Clinical Experience Perf Eval – Form C – ATED 291

  11.           Sophomore Directed Observations Hours

  12.           AT Clinical Requirements and Assignments

  13.           Clinical Hours Record

  14.           Student Clinical Ex/Hours Volunteer Form

  15.           Clinical Experience Observation Form

  16.           AT Curriculum 4 Year Program of Study

  17.           AT Curriculum 4 Year Program of Study DPT

  18.           Physical Therapy Pre-Requisites

  19.           AT Program Overview Sheets

  20.           Medical Confidentiality Agreement for Senior ATS

  21.           Injury, Illness, Medical Record

  22.           Significant Injury/Illness Form

  23.           Application for Approved Driver Status

  24.           Policy for Use of Non-Licensed Utility Vehicles

  25.           AT Standards Glossary

  26.           School Request Chapel Exception Form

  27.           BOC Standards of Professional Practice


  Formal Major Application Forms

  1.          Formal AT Major App Form

  2.          Sophomore Interview/App Form

  3.          Technical Standards for Admission

  4.          AT Recommendations   

  5.          Medical Confidentiality for AT Students

  6.          Request for Medical Info Form


ATEP/Personnel Assessment Forms

  1.         AT Education Program Eval (Soph & Jrs)

  2.         Employer’s Eval of Our Grads

  3.         AT Clinical Hours and Experience Summary

  4.         Yearly/Level Clinical Competency Summary

  5.         ATS Eval of Clinical Affiliation Site

  6.         ATS Eval of CI/Supervisor


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