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History Department

Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Minor (18 credits)

The Department of History administers an interdisciplinary minor in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies in collaboration with the Departments of English, Philosophy, Art, Music, and Theater.  This CMRS minor allows students to pursue classical studies from the Classical Greek period to the Renaissance eras.  We teach the classical texts and cultures in their natural and full range of diverse societies, authors and artists, and subjects that include gender, race, ethnicity, and class, among others.  The basis of the minor is the study of the Latin language. 


The CMRS Minor requires 18 hours that include:

  • LATN 201 Intermediate Latin (prerequisites LATN 101 and 102) (3)
  • One course in History or Archaeology (3)
  • One course in Literature or Philosophy (3)
  • One course in Art History, Music History, or Theatre History (3)
  • Two elective courses from the list of approved courses below (6)


History and Archaeology

HIST 134 A Social History of Medieval England (History)
HIST 301 Ancient Greece (History)
HIST 302 Ancient Rome (History)
HIST 303 Late Antiquity (History)
HIST 304 Tudor-Stuart England (History)
HIST 305 Archaeology and Historical Interpretation: Greece and Rome (Archaeology)
HIST 310 Medieval Europe (History)
HIST 319 Topics in Classical and Medieval European History (History/Archaeology
HIST 320 Renaissance and Reformation Europe (History)


Literature and Philosophy

ENGL 148 Shakespeare

ENGL 162 Of Gods and Humans: Literature of the Ancient World (Literature)
ENGL 310 British Literature Before 1800: Medieval-Renaissance English Literature (Literature)
ENGL 310 British Literature Before 1800: John Milton and Hermeneutics (Literature)
ENGL 310 British Literature Before 1800: Shakespeare (Literature)

PHIL 247 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Philosophy)


Art History, Music History, and Theatre History

ARTH 150 Art History I: Ancient through Medieval Art (Art History)
ARTH 303 Ancient and Early Christian Art (Art History)
ARTH 304 Medieval and Renaissance Art (Art History)

MUMH 303 History of Music I (Music History)

THEA 340 History of Theatre I: Antiquity to Renaissance (Theatre History)


For more information about the minor and course offerings in these areas, contact Dr. Joseph Huffman or Dr. David Pettegrew.