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History Department

Humanities Major with History Concentration (36 credits)

Messiah College has long valued an integrative approach to liberal arts learning, and this commitment is embodied in our interdisciplinary Humanities Major program. This major allows great flexibility for students to structure their own course of study in consultation with their academic advisor. Students are also strongly encouraged to seek experiential learning, either through study abroad, the Philadelphia campus, or through an internship experience.

Humanities majors therefore enjoy the benefit of studying with several academic departments and have an excellent record of being well prepared for both graduate study as well as a wide variety of careers. The breadth of learning and experiences that this program provides not only enriches the personal lives of its students but also offers them the intellectual and cultural tools needed to seek their vocation in our complex, ever-changing world.


The following is the curriculum for the Humanities Major with a concentration in history:

  • HUMA 201 Humanities Past and Present (3)
  • HIST 401: Historiography and Philosophy of History(3)
  • Six History Courses (18 credits)
  • Secondary concentration from the humanities disciplines of art history, communication, literature, philosophy, politics, and religious studies (12 credits)

Note that at least 21 credits must be upper division courses (300- and 400-level courses). No more than a two course overlap with General Education requirements is allowed for the completion of major requirements. Students should consult with their advisors to develop an appropriate course of study.