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History Department

Alumni and Student Lectures



History Department Alum Lectures

  • Janet (Kraft) Vogel '03,  Children's Services Supervisor, Thurmont MD Regional Library System.  "'Cheese-Aspic Peaks' and 'Sunshine Salad': Gelatin in American Life"


Senior Honors Presentations

  • Natalie Burack, The Can-Opener Gourmet: Poppy Cannon and American Culture in the 1950s (April 2012). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand.
  • Katie Garland, Providential Progress: The Post-Revolutionary World of Robert Crawford (April 2012). Advisor: Dr. John Fea.
  • Amanda Mylin, Reading the Leaves: Tea and American Colonial Identity (April 2012). Advisor: Dr. John Fea.
  • Christine Kelly, From Separatism to Activism: The Political Life of Jerry Falwell and the Making of the Moral Majority (April 2011). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand. 
  • Melissa Hogan, Puzzling over History: A Study of Late Antique Cyprus through Mosaic Art (April 2011). Advisor: Dr. David Pettegrew.
  • Alex Lovelace, Target of the Press: The Wartime Relationship between Patton and the Media (April 2011). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand. 
  • Marty Zimmerman, Were These Soldiers To Be Our Conquerors, And If So, What Will Be Our Fate: The Gettysburg Campaign and Franklin County, Pennsylvania (April 2010). Advisor: Dr. John Fea. 
  • Caitlin Babcock, A Woman's Place: Feminism and the Assemblies of God in the 1970s (April 2010). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand. 
  • Courtney Weller, The Historicity of Jane Austen: Courtship in 18th Century England (April 2010). Advisor: Dr. Joseph Huffman.
  • Kyle Cristofalo, John Hagee and Christian Zionism (April 2009).  Advisor: Dr. Anne Marie Stoner-Eby.
  • Mary Lee Shade,. A Guided Historical Tour of Messiah College (April 2008).  Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand
  • Lucy Barnhouse, The Touch of the Spirit: The Song of Songs in the Gendered Mysticism of Bernard of Clairvaux and Mechthild of Magdeburg. (April 2008).  Advisor: Dr. Joseph Huffman
  • Rachel Heeter, Favoritism in the Courts of Early Modern England: A Study of James I and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham  (April 2007).  Advisor: Dr. Norman Wilson.
  • Kelly Knight, Loyalty and Dissent in Civil War Maryland: William Wilkins Glenn and the Suprression of the Daily Exchange. (April 2007). Advisor: Dr. John Fea
  • Justin Bollinger, Mason Locke Weems, George Washington, and the Emergence of an Evangelical Nationalism in Early Nineteenth-Century America (April 2006). Advisor: Dr. John Fea.
  • Jeffrey Erbig, Performative Mapping:  Land and Cartographic Culture in Lumbisi, 1762-1824 (April 2005). Advisor: Dr. Bernardo Michael
  • Nathan Tillman, The New Democratic Conspiracy: The Agrarians' & Simple Livers' Benevolent Ambition to Take Over the World (April 2005). Advisor: Dr. John Fea
  • Rebecca Roberts, Bursting the Bubble: Race Relations at Messiah College in the 1960s and 1970s (May 2004).
  • Sarah Mackin,  A History of Messiah College's Philadelphia Campus  (April 2004). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand
  • Megan Jones, Republicanism and American First Ladies from Martha Washington to Dolly Madison (April 2003).  Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand.
  • Janet Kraft, Two Hundred Years of American Dining Rooms (May 2003). Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand.
  • Mac Brodt, Anti-Semites or Patriots? The American Response to the Holocaust (May 2002).  Advisor: Dr. James LaGrand