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History Department

American Democracy Lecture


For over two decades, the American Democracy Lecture series has been devoted to discussions of democracy, civility, and American culture.  The lecture series, which alternates every other year between the departments of History and Politics, has introduced numerous distinguished guests to campus.   In October 2010, Dr. Patrick Allitt of Emory University lectured on "Religion and Politics: Partners or Rivals in American History?"


Past lecturers sponsored by the department of history have included:

  • Dr. Darrel Bingham of the University of Southern Indiana (April 2009), who lectured on "My Life with Lincoln: History, Memory and Irony."  The lecture transcript is available here.
  • Dr. Wilma King of the University of Missouri (April 2007), who delivered a talk on "The Essence of Liberty, Citizenship and Democracy for Free Black Women in the Slave Era.”
  • Dr. Harry S. Stout of Yale University (April 2005), who lectured on " A Moral History of the American Civil War." 
  • Dr. Wilfred McClay of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (March 2003) who lectured on "History for a Democracy."
  • Dr. Peter S. Onuf of the University of Virginia (Feb. 2001), who lectured on “Thomas Jefferson: Republicanism, Federalism, and the American Democracy Tradition.”
  • Dr. James M. McPherson, Professor of Princeton University (March 1999), who presented a talk titled “Was Blood Thicker Than Water?: Ethnic and Civic Nationalism in the Civil War.”