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History Department

History Club


    History Club at NYCHAPS

    History Club Service Day at Northern York County Historical & Preservation Society headquarters

    (April 2010)

    The history club at Messiah College is a student run organization open to all Messiah students (history majors and non-history majors) interested in exploring the past.  Our History Club Constitution is available here

    For History Club Events, visit the history department blog and history club facebook page.



    • To raise the level of historical awareness on the Messiah College campus.
    • To encourage scholarship and continued study in the field of history.
    • To understand and explore the presence of God throughout time and in our discipline.
    • To cultivate an enjoyment of the past among students, in and out of the major.
    • To build community among the History Department, particularly between students and faculty.


    • To explore the many and diverse historical sites, parks, battlefields and museums surrounding Messiah College.
    • To host guest lectures.
    • To evaluate and discuss the historical accuracy and meaning of historic films and documentaries.
    • To provide students with valuable resources, advice and information on graduate programs and schools in which to continue study in the field of history.
    • To promote fellowship among students who share similar interests, goals and passions.

    The history club sponsors the following events and activities:

    • Graduate School Night (An interactive panel discussion with department faculty)
    • Fall Welcome BBQ (Introduction of first year students and faculty to the department)
    • Films (Faculty directed discussion of movies and their historical accuracy)
    • Field Trips (Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Fallingwater, etc..)
    • Spring Picnic (held in early May)


    CURRENT OFFICERS (2012-2013):

    Co-Presidents: Megan Keller and Eli Kane

    Treasurer: Brianna LaCasse

    Secretary: Ashley King



    2011-2012: Amanda Mylin and Katie Garland (co-presidents), Hillary Carter and Megan Keller (secretary and treasurer)

    2010-2011: Elizabeth Coon and Christine Kelly (co-presidents), Katie Garland and Amanda Mylin (secretary and treasurer)

    2009-2010: Caitlin Babcock and Courtney Weller (co-presidents), Christine Kelly and Elizabeth Coon (secretary and treasurer)

    2008-2009: Michelle Bomboy and Lucy Vallana (co-presidents), Caitlin Babock and Courtney Weller (secretary and treasurer)

    2007-2008: Mary Lee Shade (co-president)

    2006-2007: Rachel Heeter and Mary Lee Shade (co-presidents)


    Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Fea