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Mathematical Sciences

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions



What majors do you offer?

What minors do you offer?

What can I do with a degree in Computer Science?

What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?

What can I do with a major in Physics?


What can I do with a minor in Statistics?



Why are the degrees offered in the department B.A. degrees rather than B.S. degrees?

The classical Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree provides a broad-based program, with a liberal arts emphasis. The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is generally designed to offer a strong technical background in a discipline.


The curriculum of each major and minor in the Information and Mathematical Sciences Department is developed, in conjunction with Messiah College General Education requirements, toward the goal of producing graduates who are knowledgeable in their discipline and also have strong writing and interdisciplinary skills.  We believe that the BA degree provides the strongest and most flexible preparation for students who are likely to work in and with a variety of fields in their lifetime.



Is it possible to double major or complete more than one minor?


Yes. Each of the majors offered in the Information and Mathematical Sciences Department is relatively small, in terms of required credit hours. Majors in the Information and Mathematical Sciences field form an excellent foundation for study in other areas. Our curriculum is structured intentionally so that students can add a second major or minor in another field of interest to their primary major. It is not uncommon for students to double-major, or to graduate with two or even three minors. If you are interested in a double major or minor, talk about your plans with your academic advisor during your first year, so that they can help you create an efficient sequence of courses.




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