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Mathematical Sciences

Schedule of Courses Offered in the Department of Information and Mathematical Sciences

Non Major Courses

Every Semester

CIS 171 Problem Solving with Computers
MATH 101 Introduction to Mathematical Sciences
MATH 107 Applied Mathematics For Management
MATH 108 Intuitive Calculus with Applications
STAT 269 Introductory Statistics


Major Courses By Category

Every Semester

CIS 181 Computer Programming I
CIS 190 Strategic Use of Information Technology

MATH 102 Mathematics of Growth
MATH 103 Supplemental Calculus I
MATH 111 Calculus I

MATH 112 Calculus II
MATH 211 Calculus III

MATH 261 Linear Algebra
MATH 308 Differential Equations
STAT 281 Applied Statistics for Management

Fall Semester Only

CIS 180 Introduction to Computer and Information Science
CIS 291 Web Development II: Server Side
CIS 332 Database Concepts

CIS 384 Elements of Computing Systems

CIS 385 Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS 411 Systems Analysis and Design Concepts
MATH 362 Algebraic Structures

MATH 407 Sec. Math. Curr. & Instruction
PHYS 180 Physics Exploration
PHYS 201 Introductory Physics I
PHYS 212 General Physics II
PHYS 407 Professional Issues in Secondary Physics Educ.
PHYS 494 Physics Senior Seminar
STAT 291 Statistics for Mathematical Sciences I


Spring Semester Only

CIS 191 Web Development I: Client Side

CIS 284 Computer Programming II
CIS 381 Information Systems and Managers
CIS 412 Systems Analysis and Design Applications

CIS 432 Database Applications
CIS 482 Organization of Programming Languages

MATH 180 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 195 First Year Mathematics Seminar
MATH 210 Fundamentals of Vector Calculus

MATH 270 Advanced Math for the Sciences
MATH 307 Secondary Mathematics/Physics Instruction

MATH 412 Introduction to Real Analysis
MATH 494 Senior Mathematics Seminar
PHYS 202 Introductory Physics II
PHYS 211 General Physics I

PHYS 251 Modern Physics
PHYS 307 Physics Instruction
STAT 292 Statistics for Mathematical Sciences II


Alternate Years Fall Semester Only

CIS 283 Business Systems Applications (odd years)

CIS 315 Introduction to Mobile Application Design
CIS 335 Software Engineering
(odd years)
CIS 343 Introduction to E-Commerce (odd years)
CIS 415 Data Communications and Networking (odd years)

CIS 418 Artificial Intelligence (even years)

PHYS 328 Classical Mechanics (even years)
STAT 346 Statistical Methods in Operations Research (even years)
STAT 407 Introductory Mathematical Statistics (odd years)


Alternate Years Spring Semester Only

CIS 287 Introduction to Game Design (odd years)
CIS 401 Webmasters and Servers (even years)

CIS 416 Operating Systems and Computer Architecture (odd years)
CIS 487 Interactive 3D Graphics (even years)

MATH 382 Geometry (odd years)

MATH 392 History of Mathematics (even years)

PHYS 402 Quantum Mechanics (odd years)
STAT 324 Adv. Statistical Methods (even years)
STAT 325 Experimental Design (odd years)


Offered As Needed

CIS 251 Hardware and Software
CIS 490 Topics in Computer Information Science

MATH 301 Numerical Analysis

MATH 341 Mathemtical Modeling

MATH 342 Applied Combinatorics

MATH 405 Introduction to Mathematical Research




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