CIS 315 Introduction to Mobile Application Design (3)

Catalog Description:

Through semester-long mobile application design and development projects, students will be introduced to the range of hardware, software and communication technologies needed to support a web application targeted at mobile computing devices. Students will evaluate, considering both user-oriented and technology-oriented criteria, commercially developed mobile computing applications and applications created by their peers. Students will employ a requirements-based iterative software development process, working with a typical set of software tools used to create prototype mobile applications. (Offered fall semester, odd years.)


CIS 191 Web Development I: Client Side or CIS 284 Computer Programming II

Required Course Materials:

Luke Wroblewski, Mobile First,

Jorg Kloss, Android Apps with App Inventor, (ISBN: 9780321812704)

Corinne Hoisington, Android Boot Camp for Developers Using Java Comprehensive (ISBN: 9781133597209)

Course Coordinator:

Gene Rohrbaugh, Professor of Computer Science

Course Audience:

Required course for Digital Media majors with a concentration in Mobile Application and Game Design and the course serves as a major elective for Digital Media majors with other concentrations.

Course Objectives:


Students who successfully complete the course will have a significant appreciation for the important role of mobile apps. The course will employ a hands-on approach where students are expected to learn by applying mobile app design techniques. This course will allow students to:

  1. understand the concepts of mobile app design;
  2. understand a "mobile first" design philosophy;
  3. understand how to evaluate mobile apps;
  4. learn and demonstrate knowledge of mobile app design and development tools through the design of a mobile app; and
  5. understand potential future directions of mobile apps.



  1. Mobile Space: constraints, capabilities, layout
  2. AppInventor (AI): First App, terms, concepts and reference model, support, multi-media, program development, storage and databases, advanced topics
  3. Android: user input, variables, operations and publishing your app
  4. Future direction of mobile apps


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