CIS 335 Software Engineering (3)

Catalog Description:

The course introduces students to the discipline of software engineering through a series of selected readings, class discussions and practical learning experiences. The course will survey the issues, approaches, and tools for addressing key areas of software engineering, including software requirements definition, software architectures, software analysis/design, technical software development, alternative software life cycle models, software process and project management, open source software development, software version and configuration management, software quality assurance and testing.  (Offered as needed.)


CIS 332 Database Concepts

Required Course Materials:


Articles and other materials are used throughout the course per the syllabus. A significant number of the copyrighted articles are available as a bound set in the Textbook Express. Many of the articles are available via the web and are not included in the bound set of papers available at the bookstore. In these cases the URLs for the articles are given in the syllabus and students are expected to print these articles and read them prior to class. For some of the papers, you will need to become a free registered member before you can access the articles.

Course Coordinator:

Brian A. Nejmeh, Professor of Business Information Systems and Entrepreneurship

Course Audience:

Information Science majors and Engineering majors with a concentration in computer engineering.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, successful students will have a significant appreciation for the field of software engineering and its academic and industrial concerns. This will allow students to actively engage in the issues involved in creating, evolving and maintaining a software-intensive system through the disciplines of software engineering.


  1. The Discipline of Software Engineering
  2. Software Process Management
  3. Software Requirements Specification
  4. Software Architectures and Tools
  5. Open Source Movement
  6. Version and Configuration Management
  7. Software Project Management
  8. Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  9. Agile Methods & Extreme Programming


Revised: February 2013 (course numbering); September 2010

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