MATH 103 Supplemental Calculus I (1)

Catalog Description:

A one-credit supplement to MATH 111 Calculus 1.  This course reviews the precalculus skills necessary to succeed in a college calculus course with an emphasis on trigonometry.  MATH 103 must be taken concurrently with MATH 111.



MATH 111 Calculus I

Required Course Materials:

Larson, Hostetler and Edwards, Calculus, 10th edition, Brooks/Cole, 2014 (ISBN: 9781285060286) Web Assign Online Homework Access Card


Course Coordinator:


Douglas C. Phillippy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics


Course Audience:

Students who do not pass the calculus placement exam given at the beginning of the MATH 111 course will be automatically enrolled in MATH 103.

Course Objectives:

  1. To strengthen a student’s mathematics background by reviewing selected precalculus topics essential to the calculus sequence (algebra and trigonometry, with an emphasis on trigonometry).
  2. To provide instruction supplemental to that in MATH 111 for solving problems in calculus with an emphasis on the precalculus concepts needed to solve the problems


  1. Review and further development of precalculus material including analytic geometry, functions, and trigonometry.
  2. Limits: A) finite and infinite, B) one-sided limits, C) continuity of functions.
  3. The derivative: A) slope of a tangent line, B) difference quotient, C) derivative formulas, D) chain rule, E) implicit differentiation.
  4. Applications: A) rectilinear motion, B) optimization, C) related rates, D) differentials, E) Newtonís method, F) curve sketching and relative extrema G) concavity and inflection points.

Revised: February 2013

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