MATH 195 First Year Mathematics Seminar (3)

Catalog Description:

An introduction to and overview of the discipline of mathematics and the mathematical community. Readings, discussion, and written work focus on building mature mathematical reasoning skills and understanding the mathematical community, both past and present. Careers in mathematics and related fields are considered, and attention is given to the idea of Christian vocation and how faith and mathematical thought inform each other. (Offered spring semester only.)


There is no prerequisite, but generally students have completed MATH 111 Calculus I when they enroll in this course, and knowledge of precalculus and perhaps calculus material is assumed.

Required Course Materials:

The Study of Mathematics: Developing a Mature Understanding of Mathematical Thought with Consideration of Christian Faith and Vocation, course packet written by Doug Phillippy, 2013 (third draft)

Course Coordinator:

Douglas C. Phillippy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics.

Course Audience:

First year mathematics majors.

Course Objectives:

  1. To strengthen mathematical reasoning skills and introduce students to formal proof.
  2. To begin a major-specific consideration of issues of Christian vocation and the integration of faith and mathematical thought.
  3. To give students an understanding of the employment opportunities in the mathematical sciences.
  4. To integrate students into the department, building camaraderie and teamwork among mathematics majors.


  1. Problem solving techniques
  2. Methods of proof
  3. Real Number system
  4. Infinite series


Revised:  October 2013 (textbook); Spring 2010

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