MATH 382 Geometry (3)

Catalog Description:

Topics in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. (Offered spring semester, odd years.)


MATH 261 Linear Algebra

Required Course Materials:


  1. Saul Stahl, A Gateway to Modern Geometry: The Poincare Half-Plane, 2nd edition, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2008 (ISBN: 0-7637-5381-5) 
  2. Timothy Feeman, Portraits of the Earth: A Mathematician Looks at Maps, American Mathematical Society publication, 2002 (ISBN 978-0821832554)

Course Coordinator:

Angela C. Hare, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics 

Course Audience:

Juniors and seniors majoring in Mathematics

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to teach the foundations of non-Euclidean geometry, as well as applications of the field of geometry to applied problems.

  1. Spherical Trigonometry (maps and map-making)
  2. The Hyperbolic Plane (Poincaré Model)
  3. Graph Theory (a subfield of Discrete Geometry)


Revised: September 2010

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