Miguel de Cervantes

Recommended Pre-Reading Activities:

-Have the student research and share in class a ‘curious’ fact about Miguel de Cervantes.

-Have the students read about the following themes: Novelas de caballeria, caballero andante, Inquisición y censura, monarquía, hidalgo, etc.

Reccomended Sites to Read Cervantes Online:


This site from the Fundacion Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes provides open public access to all of Cervantes works. Additionally, Cervantes' masterpiece El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha is also available in audio.

Recommended Reading Guides:

In Spanish, Cervantes & Co offers a free downloadable daily study guide for Tom Lathrop’s Spanish edition of Don Quijote


In English, The Teacher’s Guide to the Core Classics Edition of Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote by Sally Strickler


For the Novelas ejemplares and other works of Miguel de Cervantes, I highly recommend Cervantes & Co. editions specially intended for undergraduate students in the USA.


Recommended Scenes to ‘Play’ in Class:

- Scene at Quijano’s library

- Scene in the posada/castle

- Scene of the punished shepherd boy

- Scene of Quijote asking Sancho to follow him

- Scene with the wind mills.

- Scene when Quijote tries to rescue the princess from the frails

Recommended Discussion and Essay Topics:

- Reality and fiction

- Individualism

- What makes this novel ‘modern’

- Idealism and the Law

- Gender and social order

- Power and transgression

For intructors of the class, you might be interested in Prof. Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria's live lectures "Cervantes' Don Quixote" available in Open Yale courses


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