Francisco de Quevedo


You can find Quevedo's biography and works in the site of Fundación Francisco de Quevedo

Reccomended Pre-Reading Activities

- Have the student research and share in class a ‘curious’ fact about Francisco de Quevedo (see example below).

- Have the students read about the following themes: conceptismo, sátira, etc.

Reccomended Reading Guides

To read poetry:

1) About versification in Spanish

2) Types of Spanish poetry (with flashcards)

3) Common themes of Baroque poetry: Love deception, disillusion, death, ephemeral beauty, temporality of all material things, importance of the spirit and spiritual life

4) What to note when reading poetry: tone, central theme, purpose, who is the speaker and whom is the speaker addressing

5) Rhetorical devices

Recommended open public sites to read Quevedo online

You can find all of Quevedo’s work in the site of Fundación Francisco de Quevedo

Sonetos de Francisco Quevedo

Reccomended Essay and Discussion Topics

- Beauty and deformity

- Love and disillusion

- Life and death

- Humor

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