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Modern Languages Department

Barcelona, Spain


About the City

Barcelona, the capital of the region of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, has a

culture and history all its own. Founded as a Roman city but invaded by different factions over

the years, Barcelona sports a unique blend of culture that is distinctly Catalonian (many

Catalonians consider the region its own separate country). The city is renowned for its

commerce, media, arts, tourism and architecture, and boasts two separate UNESCO world

heritage sites, the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domènech I. Montaner.


Although Spanish is certainly spoken in the region, Barcelona (and the greater region of

Catalonia) is home to another prominent language, Catalán, which is similar to Spanish but a

language all its own. Many students who travel to Barcelona not only develop a greater

understanding of the Spanish language but also pick up some Catalán along the way.


About the University

Founded in 1450, the University of Barcelona (officially Universitat de Barcelona in Catalán;

also, Universidad de Barcelona in Spanish) is a public university that hosts 75 undergraduate

programs and is often considered to be the best university in Spain. It has great classes for

Political Science, History, Business, and Marketing majors. One third of the courses at the

University of Barcelona are taught in Catalán, and the rest are taught in Castilian Spanish.

Classes can be taken with international students or with native Spaniards.



"Studying abroad in Barcelona Spain expanded the scope of my life more than I could have

dreamed. Experiencing a foreign culture was intimidating sometimes, but never was I not

rewarded for stepping out of my comfort zone. Living in Barcelona provided many opportunities

to explore culture and history. Strolling through the streets of a city older than our nation while

immersed in a foreign culture is an experience unrivaled in my life. I have memories of

buildings, streets, new friends, my host mom, and events which will remain branded in my mind

and on my heart forever.


Don't be intimidated if you cannot figure out the metro system on your first try. Neither should

you be intimidated by Catalán, Barcelonans will still talk to you if you don't know it, and it

sounds cool! Never lose an opportunity to try something new because you will never have this

opportunity again in your life, as the Spaniards would say: '¡Aprovéchalo!'"


Darren Landis, Spanish Major, Class of '11