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Modern Languages Department

Marburg, Germany


About the City

Marburg, a city in the German state of Hessen, is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the

country. The city is famous for its medieval churches, and the Elisabethkirche, one of the most

famous churches in Germany, appears just as it did in the 1300s. In Marburg, the old meets the

new, and recent projects have implemented green-friendly procedures (such as a massive solar

energy campaign) to bring Marburg into the 21st

century. It is a city on a hill truly abounding in

authentic German culture.


About the University

Founded in 1527, Philipps University is the oldest Protestant university still in existence. With

nearly 20,000 current students, the university boasts a rich history of education, including nine

Nobel-prize winning graduates. Philipps University offers a wide range of classes in all areas of

study as well as different level German-language classes designed for students who major in the

German language.