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Modern Languages Department

Strasbourg, France


About the City

Strasbourg, the capital city of the Alsace region of France, is a unique city where the old and the

new collide. The city sits on the Rhine River, just a short distance from the French-German

border. The city is so close to Germany that it has historically been contested between the two

countries, belonging to Germany at more than one point in history. For this reason, it has a rich

cultural heritage, and the center of the city, Grande Île, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Strasbourg boasts an active cultural scene, including opera, a theater company, and eight

museums. Students who study there benefit from the new commercial sectors of the city as well

as the historic district, which looks much the way it did 200 years ago. Students grow to

appreciate French culture and hone their French language skills.


About the University

Founded in 1621 and with more than 40,000 students, the University of Strasbourg is the largest

university in France. Students majoring in the French language, history, literature, philosophy

and natural sciences all stand to benefit from the courses offered at the university. Students can

take courses with international students or with native French students.



"Studying in Strasbourg, France was an experience that greatly changed my life. At first, the

thought of spending several months in a foreign country was a little scary but after finally

arriving, I came to absolutely love it. While living and studying there, I grew significantly not

only in my academic life, but in my social and spiritual life as well. My knowledge of French

language and culture grew extensively, I made new friends of many different nationalities and

my faith was greatly challenged and strengthened. I stayed with a host family which was very

beneficial to my education as well as my overall experience in France because of their native

knowledge of Strasbourg.

Because I was in the center of Europe, it was very easy to travel around France or to different

countries in Europe. If you aren't interested in traveling, Strasbourg itself has a lot to offer with

the Council of Europe, the Christmas markets, museums, beautiful parks, local delicacies and

more. Even if I spent every weekend exploring, I still would not have seen everything there is to

see. It is a gorgeous city with the Rhine River running through it and beautiful buildings like "La

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg". The size, location and culture of the city make

Strasbourg, France an ideal location for a study abroad program. You can easily travel, improve

your French, find adventure and discover interesting history."


Emily Strait, French w/ Teaching Certification Major, Class of '11