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Department of Music



All students seeking admittance into the Department of Music at Messiah College must audition for the Music Faculty.  The audition will consist of performance in the major area, sight singing, assessment of piano skills, and an interview. On the day of the audition, students will also be required to take a Piano Placement Exam and written Theory Placement Exam.  These will be scheduled for you.

Before music scholarships can be awarded, students must be officially accepted to Messiah College.




It is preferred that students schedule an audition on one of these days.  However, the Department will work with students who need to schedule an audition at another time. 


Students should contact Kelly Athey in the Department of Music for details if they wish to audition after May 1st or take advantage of the Department's Audition by Recording procedures.


All students auditioning for acceptance will be considered for a music scholarship.

Instrumentalists (Winds, Strings, Percussion): should prepare two contrasting selections (one lyrical, one technical).  Movements from Sonatas and Concertos are ideal.  However, each student should choose repertoire that best demonstrates his or her ability and allows the student to play at the highest musical level.  Accompaniment is preferred, but not required.  


Vocalists:  should prepare two memorized art songs in contrasting style that demonstrate the singer's technical and interpretive skills.  At least one selection should be in English.  Singing in a foreign language is encouraged if the singer is comfortably fluent in the singing diction of the language.  An aria may be substituted for one of the art songs. Unless the song is being performed is an a capella composition, the performance should be with piano.  The Department will provide a pianist. Music must be submitted two weeks prior to the audition.


Pianists:  should prepare two memorized contrasting selections that demonstrate the performers technical ability and musicianship.  Movements from Sonatas and Concertos are appropriate.   Pianists may be asked for scales and arpeggios, and sight-reading is typically part of the audition.



All students who audition for the Department of Music will be considered for talent awards. The Department of Music annually designates two Music Scholarship Audition Days. However, students may schedule an audition at anytime for acceptance into the department. Students should submit an application both to the Department of Music as well as Messiah College.


To Contact the Department of Music:

Call Kelly Athey at (717) 796-1800, extension 3310 or send an email to