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Department of Music


Q. Will I be expected to take a music history or music theory placement exam at my audition?
A: You will take a short Music Theory placement exam and piano proficiency on the day of your audition.  These will be scheduled for you.


Q: Do I have to major in music in order to participate in ensembles?
A: No.  Students from all majors are active and important members of our ensembles. 


Q: How do I audition for ensembles?  What should I play or sing?

A. Ensemble auditions occur the Monday before classes begin each fall semester. Check our facebook page for more information regarding ensemble auditions in the fall.

Wind players: prepare excerpts that demonstrate both technical and expressive playing.  Be prepared to sight read and play scales.  Play in the style of the group for which you are auditioning (jazz, classical, etc.).

Vocalists: prepare a piece that can be performed without an accompanist.  Be prepared to sight read and to sing through your entire vocal range. Sing in the style of the group for which you are auditioning (classical, jazz, musical theatre, etc.).


Q: Can I minor in music?
A: Yes. Find more information here, or contact us if you have any specific questions..


Q: May I audition on more than one instrument?
A: Of course!  Simply list the instruments you wish to audition on when setting up an audition.


Q: Is there a separate application for the Department of Music?
A: Yes.  Along with your application to Messiah College, you should submit an application to the Department of Music.



Q: Are there scholarship opportunities for incoming students?

A. Yes!  Check out our scholarships page.



Q: Where can I listen to examples of Messiah College ensembles?
A: Listen right here!


Q: May I schedule a lesson with a professor as a prospective student?
A: Yes, and we look forward to meeting with you! Email us to set up a lesson or an overnight campus visit.