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Nursing Scholarships and Loans

Scholarships and Loans Available at Messiah College


  • D.& D. Stabler Nursing Scholarship – This should be viewed as a loan.  It is normally reserved for students who find themselves in very dire circumstances (such that they won’t be able to finish) in their last year or two of college without additional financial assistance.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office, 717-691-6007, to discuss your situation if you are interested in pursuing this program.
  • Chatlos Nursing Scholarship Awards – There is a foundation that donates money for this each year.  They decide the criteria for receipt.  The Financial Aid Office picks the students who meet that criteria, so a student really can’t apply for this.
  • Nursing Education Endowed Scholarship Fund – The Nursing Department initiates the application process during the spring semester for next year's sophomores and juniors.  Financial need is a significant component in determining eligibility.
  • Christy Stark Smith Scholarship – Chosen by members of the Nursing Department from among the top academic students who are concentrating on ‘nursing care of the child bearing family’, and who have the highest financial need.  The Nursing Department selects recipients based on academics, and the Financial Aid Office makes the award to those students with the highest financial need.
  • The Harry and Nancy Preis Endowed Scholarship Fund - The Department of Nursing nominates a junior nursing student during the spring semester who demonstrates excellence in academic and clinical performance in nursing care.  The award is based on financial need as identified by the Financial Aid Office. Every third year of this scholarship, the award is given to a faculty member.  An Outstanding Teaching award shall be made to recognize a faculty member for their outstanding teaching and their impact on the lives of students.  The recipient of this award shall be identified by the Academic Office under the Provost's direction.


Any questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office

at 717-691-6007 or

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