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Peace and Conflict Studies

Faculty: Richard T. Hughes

Director, Sider Institute

Distinguished Professor of Religion

Richard T. Hughes has spent over 40 years working at the intersection of religion and culture in the United States. Under that broad panoply of interests, he has taught and published on (1) the biblical vision of peace and justice, (2) Christianity and America's self-understanding, (3) the relationship between Christianity and higher education/the life of the mind, (4) the history of Christian primitivism in America, and (5) the history of Churches of Christ in America.


With a Ph.D. in the history of Christianity since 1500, Hughes has taught at Pepperdine University, Southwest Missouri State University, and Abilene Christian University.


Hughes regularly speaks to groups and organizations, especially regarding the intersection of religion and American politics and the role of Christians in peace-making and social justice.


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