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What opportunities does Messiah provide to learn more about my field?

Messiah College Internships

  • Read all about internships at Messiah
  • Find out how to complete an internship for credit
  • View internship resources on the web to find opportunities

Studying Off-Campus


  • Research learning opportunties abroad with Messiah's Experiential Programs Information Center (EpiCenter)
  • View the EpiCenter's Four-Year Plan for studying off-campus and start planning now
  • Find EpiCenter programs of particular interest to Politics majors
  • Get a sample of Messiah-approved off-campus study course options*
    *Students may also apply to have additional courses approved by the department.  
  • Read testimonials of our students showing how studying abroad helped them find their vocation in Politics


Big Ben (Dept. of Politics)

Department Honors Projects

  • Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher may participate in a Department Honors Project during their senior year.  These year-long projects offer students the opportunity of researching a topic that interests them in a focused way that cannot be completed in a classroom setting.
  • The proposal for these projects should be developed during the semester prior to beginning the project. NOTE: these deadlines differ for students graduating in December and May. The proposal must be approved by the sponsoring faculty member and the department chair before the beginning of the project.
    Graduation Semester Proposal Deadline
    December Senior Year December 1st Junior Year
    May Senior Year May 1st Junior Year



Washington DC  (Dept. of Politics)
















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