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"The quality of teaching and mentoring in Messiah's politics department was as good or better than anything I experienced at Oxford or Harvard.  But a Messiah College education doesn't stop with a textbook — students are encouraged to think about how the Christian faith should shape our understanding of the subjects we studied.   As a result, the education I received at Messiah has become more and more valuable to me as time passes."

Kevin Hicks '93
General Counsel, Vice President SafeNet, Inc

Dean Curry


Dr. Dean Curry  

(Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University)

Professor of Politics;

Director of the College Honors Program


Teaching and research specializations:

International politics; U.S foreign policy;

Religion and society.



John Harles


Dr. John Harles 

(Ph.D., Oxford University)

Professor of Politics;

Distinguished Professor, 2009-14;

Fellowship Coordinator


Teaching and research specializations:

Immigration and ethnic politics; Comparative politics — Canada and the United Kingdom; Political theory.



Robin Lauermann


Dr. Robin Lauermann 

(Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo)

Professor of Politics;

Assistant Dean of General Education and Common Learning


Teaching and research specializations:

American politics-institutions, public opinion, parties; Comparative politics--Latin American Politics, Western European Politics, Democratization/ political change.



Paul Rego


Dr. Paul Rego 

(Ph.D., University of Massachusetts) 

Associate Professor of Politics;

Chair, Department of Politics


Teaching and research specializations:

American Politics - the American Presidency, American Political Thought, American Constitutional Law (Governmental Powers and Civil Liberties/Civil Rights); Comparative Politics - Post-Communist Russia.



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