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Canadian Parliament (Ottawa Canada - taken by Sadie Sumner on Politics in Canada trip)
Scottish Parliament (Glasgow, Scottland - taken by Liz Poulin while on London Semester abroad) Exterior of European Parliament

The Department of Politics and International Relations     


bridges the humanities and social sciences.



Why Politics? Hear from our students!                                           

Are you interested in campaigns and elections? Diplomacy and international affairs? Critical issues like health, immigration, the environment, and race relations? If so, you should pursue a major in politics.

Politics is the study of the way in which people make collective decisions affecting life under government. From a Christian perspective, politics is part of God's provision for Creation, a means of reconciling human inclinations toward both self-interest and sociability. In short, if you are curious about the world, and you believe, as we do, that government has a constructive role to play in making for a better one, then the study of politics is for you.


Our Politics alumni say, if given a second chance to choose an undergraduate major, they would choose politics again. Watch the video!


Department News:


Congratulations to Professor Robin Lauermann on the upcoming release of her new book titled Constituent Perceptions of Political Representation:  How Citizens Evaluate their Representatives. The book is expected to be released by Macmillan in December, 2013. 

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